Offensive pick up lines

I heard you like lifting weights, then you'll love to lift these nuts into your mouth.
Baby stop with diet coke, you've got plenty of ASSpertame.
I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.
Hello? Oh, your body was calling me from across the room.
Hi, wanna f**k? [No] Mind lying down while I do?
So, I see you eat with utensils. Well, I've got one that I'm just dying to put in your drawers.
So, what do you do for a living besides always making all the men excited and warm all over?
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I know you're very busy but I hope you have time to fit me into your body.
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When we're together I'd rather you stared at my boobs than your phone.
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You're pretty emotionally unavailable for someone who shares every single one of their feelings on social media.
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Pick up line: offensive
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