Harry potter pick up lines

I'm not wearing an invisibility cloak, but do you think I could still visit your restricted section tonight?
I don't know if you've been mentioned in a prophecy with Voldemort lately, but you're definitely my chosen one.
You can have the portkey to my heart.
I don't need accio to make you come.
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I'm very interested in exploring your Chamber of Secrets.
I need to learn Occlumency, because I can't get you out of my thoughts.
You're the only thing I need in my Room of Requirement.
Harry Potter may be the Boy Who Lived, but you're my Chosen One.
Are you a Snitch? Because you're the finest catch here.
You must be really good at Transfiguration! (Why?) Because you've changed my life.
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Pick up line: harry-potter, corny, clean
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