Offensive pick up lines

Is there a Boggart in your pants? Because your ass is Ridikkulus!
Girl, are you a modern day savings account because I keep investing money in you but I'm not getting much interest.
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Pick up line: reverse, offensive
When we're together I'd rather you stared at my boobs than your phone.
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Pick up line: dirty, funny, nerdy, offensive
I love you with all of my heart and genitals.
Your gift wrapping is almost as fast and sloppy as your foreply.
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Pick up line: dirty, funny, offensive
Hey, you are even prettier than in your Facebook profile picture.
You are as hot as my mother.
Is it a gleam in your eyes or light just shine through your dumb head?
Dang baby, are you flatulence? Because despite my best efforts you slipped out while I was using the bathroom.
Damn girl you smell good, what is that... McDonald's?
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