Inappropriate pick up lines

I don't want to go all Freudian on you, but cute doctors pull strong feelings from me because they're a safe target for feelings I originally had for my parents.
How much does it cost to date you? Cause damn, you look expensive!
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Pick up line: cheesy, inappropriate
Fu*k me if I'm wrong, but have we met before?
You are my methods. I am nothing without you.
May I use your phone? I want to call my mom and tell her I found the love of my life.
I can't wait for you mom to say, "He/She could do better..." after meeting me.
Don't ever change. Just get naked.
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Pick up line: dirty, inappropriate
You're like my own personal brand of heroin.
With my IQ and your body, we could make a race of superchildren!
Hey so you want to see some magic? You and I will go to your place have sex and I'll disappear in the morning.
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Pick up line: corny, inappropriate
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