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Baby, I want to squeeze my hardware into your softwear without having to worry about getting a virus.
Are you a Jedi? Because I swear my lightsaber felt a disturbance in the force.
If you thought Disneyland was the happiest place on earth, you haven't been in my pants yet!
I'm like a musician going to a party, I always make a big entrance and I never cum early.
Hickory Dickery Dock, it's time to suck my cock.
Is your dad a drug dealer? Cause you're so Dope!
Is your name Osteoporosis? Because you're giving me a serious bone condition.
No one turns me on and off quite the way you do.
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With my IQ and your body, we could make a race of superchildren!
I think I feel like Richard Gere because I'm standing next to you, the Pretty Woman.
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