Inappropriate pick up lines

Are you a vampire? Cause you looked a little thirsty when you looked at me.
Fell free to use my face as a mechanical bull.
How interested are u in sitting on my face?
81.57 % 17 votes
Pick up line: dirty, inappropriate
I'd like to be one of the unhealthy things you pust inside your body this weekend.
I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.
81.11 % 26 votes
Pick up line: clean, cute, inappropriate
Do you prefer two hand touch or full contact?
Are u a flight attendant? Coz u gonna be plane with this dick soon.
You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.
Wanna play "kite"? I lay down, you blow and we'll see how high you can make me.
80.64 % 16 votes
Pick up line: dirty, inappropriate
Damn, girl. You've got the nicest boobs I've seen outside a PGA Tour locker room.
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