Inappropriate pick up lines

How about we ditch this joint and go study some anatomy?
Pardon me, I don't mean to make a pass, but you must be leavin' the country if you're packin' that much ass.
Do you have a cell phone? My mom told me to call her when I find the girl of my dreams?
Are you Stacey's mom? Cause, you've got it going on.
Hi, can I domesticate you?
I have a flute you can blow.
You look a lot like my next crush.
I was hesitant to message you because of how pointy your elbows are. I caved in and messaged you because I'm trying to better myself and become less discriminating. So I'm willing to give you a shot, pointy elbows and all.
These voices in my head that have been telling me to come over here and talk to you.
My ex-girlfriend used to call me Goldfinger.
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