Inappropriate pick up lines

Do you want to dance? Great! Because I have no seat.
There are many black holes in our galaxy but I wanna know only yours.
I have knife and penis. One of these will end up in you tonight.
I'm a neurologist, but for you I can be a gynaecologist.
Do you like magic? I'll have a sex with you and then you'll disappear.
Dang baby, are you flatulence? Because despite my best efforts you slipped out while I was using the bathroom.
Can I borrow a mobile? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the person I'm going to marry.
Damn girl you smell good, what is that... McDonald's?
Did you fall down from heaven? Because it looks like you've experienced some sort of trauma to your face.
I'd suck your dads dick just to get to know the recipe.
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