Dirty pick up lines

I can go 90 minutes without stopping.
I'm conducting a survey on the taste of vaginas. Wanna be my first?
Nice socks. Can I try them on after we have sex?
Are you dressed up as a tree? Cause you're giving me wood.
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You're allowed to use your hands in this game.
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Pick up line: soccer, football, corny, dirty
Boy: Do you wanna be my SLUT? Girl: WHAT! Boy: Do you even know what slut stands for? Boy: (S)weet (L)ittle (U)nforgetable (T)hing
Hello, love, do you spit or swallow?
Do you mix concrete for a living? Because you're making me hard.
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Pick up line: dirty, cheesy
Baby your like a black hole, you just suck men up.
I love you with all of my heart and genitals.
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