Dirty pick up lines

Girl when I see you, mokuton activates in my pants for no reason.
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Pick up line: anime, cheesy, clean, corny, dirty
I'd like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets. You don't even have to say "Luminos Maxima" to turn me on!
I'm horny as fuck. Are you ready to fix that?
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Pick up line: dirty, inappropriate
I want you to know that I have clean bed sheets at home.
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Pick up line: inappropriate, dirty
Remember my name. You'll be screaming it later.
Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?
I hope you like dragons, because I'll be draging balls across your face tonight.
Are you a horse? (No.) Can I ride you anyway?
So, I see you eat with utensils. Well, I've got one that I'm just dying to put in your drawers.
Are my undies showing? ["No."] "Would you like them to?"
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Pick up line: cheesy, dirty
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