Dirty pick up lines

Do you know what is the difference between conversation and sex? No? Don't you want to go to my home and talk about it?
I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me.
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Pick up line: cheesy, funny, dirty
Can I be the wiener in your hotdog?
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Pick up line: dirty, corny, cheesy, weird
Do you live on a chicken farm? [No] You sure know how to raise cocks.
The word of the day is "legs." Let's go back to my place and spread the word.
Hey baby, I got the F, the C and the K. All I need now is U!
Do you drink milk? Cause it sure did your body good.
What are you doing tonight? Besides me, of course?
Are you a mechanic? Because you should be screwing me…
Are you bored? Cause I really want to do something to you…
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