Corny pick up lines

When I bring an ejectment action, there'll be nothing quiet about your enjoyment.
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Pick up line: lawyer, corny
Are you Eric Sogard because there's no way I'd ever forget you.
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Pick up line: baseball, cheesy, clean, corny
Hey is your name Vincent? Because I really need your Kompany.
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Pick up line: soccer, cheesy, corny, football
I can be Manchester City and you can be Tottentham. In other words, I am gonna screw you hard tonight.
I promise, I can always find a girls G-Force.
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Pick up line: anime, corny, dirty
I'm not staring at your boobs. I'm staring at your heart.
Tell you what I want, what I really want. A) To know, who was your favorite Spice Girl? and B) Your number?
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Pick up line: tinder, corny
Wow! Are those real?
They call me Jhonny Peralta because my big stick makes up for my lateral deficiencies.
Does a bear poop in the woods? No, however I'm willing to screw in them.
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Pick up line: golf, corny, dirty
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