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After all this is over, I'm going to have 99 virgins, but you won't be one.
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Pick up line: anime, cheesy, corny, dirty
Are you gay? (No.) Wow, me neither, let's have sex.
Hey since I lifted your spirits, how about you lift up your shirt.
I didn't know that Miss America lived here!
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Pick up line: cheesy, corny
You're so fucking sexy! You look just like my mom.
Do you run track? Cause I heard you Relay want this dick.
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Pick up line: corny, dirty
They call me Jhonny Peralta because my big stick makes up for my lateral deficiencies.
Hey baby, what's your sign? Caution, slippery when wet, dangerous curves ahead, or yield?
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Pick up line: dirty, corny
Nice socks. Can I try them on after we have sex?
Your eyes are as blue as my toilet water at home.
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