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That suit is very becoming on you. Then again, I would be too!
I like my men like I like my ideal law exams: easy, straight forward, and leaving me feeling fulfilled afterwards.
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Pick up line: lawyer, corny
I bet you play soccer because you're a keeper.
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Pick up line: soccer, football, clean
They call me "The Truth," because quite frankly, people just can't handle me.
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Pick up line: clean
There are no seats, can I sit on your face?
70.01 % 17 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty
Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.
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Pick up line: cute, cheesy
You look like my mom!
67.81 % 11 votes
Pick up line: weird, inappropriate
Are you Eric Sogard because there's no way I'd ever forget you.
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Pick up line: baseball, cheesy, clean, corny
I know you love playing soccer, wanna play a soccer lover?
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Pick up line: soccer, cheesy, corny
Is your name Arjen? Because you're Robben my heart.
67.64 % 28 votes
Pick up line: soccer, football, corny
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