Hockey pick up lines

Ever kiss a guy with no teeth?
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Pick up line: funny, weird, hockey
Can I slip one past your goalie?
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Pick up line: corny, dirty, hockey
So this guy says he hates hockey players because they have no tact and are easily distracted, so I...Hey! Babe! Wanna screw?
Life is better when we stick together.
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Pick up line: clean, dirty, hockey
My other stick curves to the right.
You know, less teeth means more tongue!
You think Zdeno Chara has a long stick? Wait until you see mine!
Well if I can't score, can I get an assist?
70.08 % 9 votes
Pick up line: hockey, cheesy, corny
The fact that I'm missing my teeth just means that there's more room for your tongue.
I must say you're more beautiful than the beautiful game.
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