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wish with all my heart, for you to spread your legs apart.

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I'll kiss you in the rain, so you get twice as wet.
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Pick up line: dirty, reverse
Boy: Do you wanna be my SLUT? Girl: WHAT! Boy: Do you even know what slut stands for? Boy: (S)weet (L)ittle (U)nforgetable (T)hing
You have eyes like spanners. When I look in to them, my nuts tighten.
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Pick up line: cheesy, dirty, reverse, weird
I think I'm in heaven because you look like an angel. Can you take off your shirt so that I can check for wings?
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Pick up line: cheesy, dirty, reverse
You're on my list of things to do tonight.
Nice tits, mind if I feel them?
My recipe for love is one cup of you, one cup of me, knead till hard, and serve hot.
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Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty, cute, reverse
Fell free to use my face as a mechanical bull.
Please tell your tits to stop looking at my eyes.
No one else can cut off your clothes, restrain you, and sedate you like a medic can...Wanna play?

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