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I wanna eat your pussy, like a fat kid eats cake.
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Pick up line: dirty

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What's the difference between a Ferrari and an erection? I don't have a Ferrari.
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Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty, reverse
My embouchure is good for more than just playing the trumpet, if you know what I mean.
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Pick up line: music, corny, dirty
I'd like to be one of the unhealthy things you pust inside your body this weekend.
Wanna see my other stick that curves a little to the left?
84.80 % 15 votes
Pick up line: hockey, corny, dirty
You are so selfish, you going to have that body for the rest of your life. I just want it for one night.
78.80 % 10 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty
With guns like these who needs a phaser?
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Pick up line: dirty, inappropriate
If you think Chewbacca is hairy, wait till you see my Wookie.
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Pick up line: corny, cute, dirty, funny
Do you like the band 7 Seconds? Cuz that's how long I last, baby.
I heard you like Magic, well bend over and watch my dick disappear.
I hope you like dragons, because I'll be draging balls across your face tonight.

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