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I wanna eat your pussy, like a fat kid eats cake.
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Pick up line: dirty

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I wish I was your flute...then you could press my buttons and blow me all night long.
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Pick up line: music, cheesy, corny, dirty
Engineers do it with precision.
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Pick up line: engineering, dirty
I'd suck your dads dick just to get to know the recipe.
Can I dereference my pointer inside your protected area?
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Pick up line: nerdy, dirty
From the moment I saw you, I've had a vertical shaft angle.
If you were a reed, I'd be a clarinet - I can't function without you latched onto me.
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Pick up line: music, dirty, cheesy
I think it's time I tell you what people are saying behind your back..."Nice ass!"
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Pick up line: dirty, clean, funny
I want you in my mouth.
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Pick up line: dirty
Are you gay? (No.) Wow, me neither, let's have sex.
Are you a Jedi? Because I swear my lightsaber felt a disturbance in the force.

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