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You're pretty emotionally unavailable for someone who shares every single one of their feelings on social media.
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Pick up line: offensive

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Hello Miss, will not come together to do magic? I will fuck you and then you disappear.
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Pick up line: dirty, offensive
If I was my dick, will you suck it? (no) Oh you like dirty dicks then?
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Pick up line: tinder, corny, dirty, offensive
I can already tell, we have a lot in common. We're both ugly, we're both single; you should give me your number.
I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole.
Don't you work at Hooters?
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Pick up line: cheesy, offensive
Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm stalking you.
Do you like cheesy lines or do you just want to do it?
You smell like a trash so can I take you out?
Is there a Boggart in your pants? Because your ass is Ridikkulus!
When we're together I'd rather you stared at my boobs than your phone.
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Pick up line: dirty, funny, nerdy, offensive

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