Pick up line #323

Wanna be my girlfriend? I'll give you the D later.
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Pick up line: dirty

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Happy hour's over but it's still going strong at my place.
85.61 % 16 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, dirty, funny
My body is a movie and your penis is the star!
82.72 % 23 votes
Pick up line: clean, cute, dirty
Are you chemist? Because I want to do you periodically on a table.
I'm lower brass, and as you know, we get down like nobody's business.
81.28 % 21 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty, music, nerdy
Hey girl, lemme get a few slapshots on your bum.
87.00 % 18 votes
Pick up line: corny, dirty, hockey
I'm going to sue the pants off you.
79.57 % 19 votes
Pick up line: lawyer, cheesy, dirty, funny
You look so good, you're making my crotch rise from the dead.
81.69 % 12 votes
Pick up line: haloween, corny, dirty
Girl are you a bong because I would hit that.
82.86 % 13 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty
Come back to my place and you can call me The Master.
Excuse me, did you just feel my ass? (No.) Why not?
82.86 % 13 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty, funny

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