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We voted you the "Most Beautiful Girl Here" and the grand prize is me.
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My perfect date: I pick you up in my Hyundai Sonata. You get in, there are candles lit in the car. You say, isn't that dangerous? I say, yes, but I like danger. We go to your favorite restaurant and have a fantastic meal. We come outside to see my car is on fire. You go, Trevor, aren't you pissed; your car is on fire! I pull out a bag of marshmallows and say nah I knew this was going to happen. Then I kiss you in front of my burning car.
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Pick up line: tinder, cheesy, clean, cute
Do you want to make millions? Millions of babies!
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean, corny, funny
Being without you is like being a metric space in which exists a cauchy sequence that does not converge.
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Pick up line: clean, cute, nerdy, math
Hello there, boo-tiful!
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Pick up line: haloween, corny, clean, funny
You compute me.
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Pick up line: nerdy, clean, cute
You are my methods. I am nothing without you.
I envy your lipstick.
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Pick up line: clean, funny
Did you say your name was Esther? Oh, I guess I just think you were chosen for such a time as this.
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Pick up line: christian, cheesy, clean
I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean
Do you have a cell phone? My mom told me to call her when I find the girl of my dreams?

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