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How would you like to have a sexual experience so intense it could conceivably change your political views?
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Pick up line: corny

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I need to pour milk on you so you'll be part of my complete breakfast.
Girl, I know you're not a dementor, because you definitely don't suck.
When I'm around you I can't think straight.
80.46 % 20 votes
Pick up line: corny, clean
Baby, you'd better lower your pitch, 'cause right now, you're looking sharp!
86.34 % 17 votes
Pick up line: music, corny
Are you interested in seeing the "North Pole"?
82.86 % 13 votes
Pick up line: christmas, corny, corny
Do you peel a banana from the top or bottom?
85.61 % 16 votes
Pick up line: tinder, cheesy, corny
Your name must be Coca Cola, because you're so-da-licious.
76.99 % 9 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, clean, corny
Hey gorgeous, will you be my Tinderella?
79.57 % 19 votes
Pick up line: tinder, corny, funny
I was feeling a little bit off today until your Tinder photo turned me back on.
85.61 % 16 votes
Pick up line: tinder, corny, dirty, cheesy
That pulsation in my femoral sheath isn't coming from an artery.
83.88 % 14 votes
Pick up line: doctor, nerdy, corny

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