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I just wanna let you know how beautiful you are and was wondering if you could buy me a drink?

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Pick a number between 1 and 10. You lose, now take off your clothes.
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Pick up line: dirty, funny, reverse
Smoking is hazardous to your health... and baby, you're killing me!
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Pick up line: dirty, cute, funny, reverse
You might not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.
Why pay for a bra, when I would gladly hold your boobs up all day for free?
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Pick up line: corny, dirty, funny, reverse
You're beautiful like a beautiful piece of pizza.
I will love you until I forget who you are.
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Pick up line: cheesy, corny, funny, reverse
If I ever accidentally invite you on the date, please don't take it personally.
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean, funny, reverse
The only thing I'm committed to are my commitment issues.
Is it hot in here because of man made climate shifts not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs? Or is it just you?
Could you do me a favor? Could you get on your knees and smile like a donut?

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