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Hello Miss, will not come together to do magic? I will fuck you and then you disappear.
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Pick up line: dirty, offensive

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Wanna play midget boxing? You get down on your knees and give me couple blows!
Do you have a mirror in your pocket, coz i can see myself in your pants!
Could you do me a favor? Could you get on your knees and smile like a donut?
Do you live on a chicken farm? [No] You sure know how to raise cocks.
I heard you like lifting weights, then you'll love to lift these nuts into your mouth.
Excuse me, do you have sex when you first meet somebody? [No.] Alright, I'll see you tomorrow.
Hi, wanna f**k? [No] Mind lying down while I do?
Hello? Oh, your body was calling me from across the room.
I have a flute you can blow.
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