Pick up line #163

I made a bet with my friends that I can pick up you. Do you want to drink away their money?
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Pick up line: clean

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The life with you is sweeter than the whole box of chocolates.
78.80 % 10 votes
Pick up line: cute, clean
Is your period coming up because your boobs look great.
78.59 % 18 votes
Pick up line: clean, corny, cute, dirty
Has spring already started? Because you are the first flower I see.
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean, cute
If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I would spend every second today thinking about you.
84.80 % 15 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, clean
I love you more than 20th centrury composers love atonality.
82.72 % 23 votes
Pick up line: music, clean, cute
Your body has the nicest arc length I've ever seen.
78.59 % 18 votes
Pick up line: engineering, cheesy, clean
With the size of your paws, you can mark my territory any day of the week.
83.88 % 14 votes
Pick up line: dog, cheesy, clean, corny
I like it when you smile but I love it when I'm the reason.
83.96 % 25 votes
Pick up line: clean, cute
I think you're attractive and would love to get to know you without a screen involved.
83.37 % 24 votes
Pick up line: tinder, clean
I'm really into music so is it ok if I send you song lyrics to help break the ice?
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Pick up line: tinder, music, clean

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