Pick up line #158

I don't need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.
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Pick up line: dirty

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I'm scared of getting pregnant, so do you want to go up to my room & test out all of my condoms?
78.53 % 25 votes
Pick up line: dirty, funny
All you need is safe sax, a reed, and me.
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Pick up line: corny, cheesy, dirty
If my right leg was Christmas and my left was Easter, would you like to spend some time between the holidays?
85.98 % 29 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty
Girl, do you have a shovel in your back pocket? Cause I'm digging that ass!"
You know, I've been highly trained to stick things into people...
84.80 % 15 votes
Pick up line: doctor, creepy, dirty
I'm going to have sex with you later, so you might as well be there.
I'm like Arsenal: I'll stay on top but I'll finish second.
I only play in the short grass.
86.34 % 17 votes
Pick up line: cheesy, corny, dirty, golf
Girl is your name baseball, cause I just want to hit it.
The game's getting boring, wanna go back to my place and make it a blowout?
82.86 % 13 votes
Pick up line: baseball, cheesy, corny, dirty

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