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Chem students do it on the table periodically.
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Pick up line: chemistry, funny

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I'm like an Sn2 reaction, I come from behind.
Wanna alkylate my alkoxide? It's nucleophilic and ready to backside attack the halogen out of you.
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Pick up line: chemistry, cute, nerdy, funny
Lets go back to my place its Boron here.
Are you chemist? Because I want to do you periodically on a table.
Get ready for some s-p mixing, cuz my 2p(z) orbital is headed for your 2s orbital!
You know, if I were you, I'd have sex with me.
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I want to work on your leucine zipper with my zinc fingers.
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Pick up line: dirty, nerdy, chemistry
You must be calcium bicarbonate, because if you let me get you wet, then the reaction will be explosive.
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Pick up line: chemistry, nerdy, dirty
Is there a science room nearby, or am I just sensing the chemistry between us?
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Pick up line: chemistry, cheesy, corny
(Walk up to someone and bite them anywhere) Sorry, taking a bite out of crime. [WHAT?] Well it has to be illegal to look that good!

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