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I think that you're attractive and simply amazing from what I've seen so far. Can I get your number and meet your personality?
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Pick up line: clean

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Are your parents retarded? Because you are special.
Well, as William James says, I can't tell you about the experience.
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean, cute, funny, nerdy
Here's the key to my house, my car... and my heart.
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Pick up line: cheesy, clean
I love my bed but I'd rather be in yours.
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Pick up line: dirty, clean, cute, cheesy
Sexual talk, on the other hand, doesn't work—though many men continue to think so.
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Pick up line: clean
Is Your Dad A Preacher? Cause Girl You're A Blessing.
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Pick up line: christian, cute, clean, funny
I'm lean and agile and go down every weekend.
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Pick up line: engineering, clean, dirty
I heard that you have a good dentist. Mind if I try out his work?
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Pick up line: doctor, cheesy, clean, cute
You've got my heart on lockdown like a Gringotts Vault.
By far the prettiest girl I've seen on Tinder.
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Pick up line: tinder, cheesy, clean

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